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Yellow Room


This room is setup in a board room style that allows for 10x - 12x people to be seated around the table. This room can also be used as a break out room as it is linked to the Blue Room (if hired also). 
Other configurations includes theatre style (16x people) or even an open space (25x people).
There is a projector available with a screen as well as a wall mounted white board. Flip charts can be hired if required. 
First floor room.


YellowRoomTrainingConferenceRoomBoardTable  YellowRoomTrainingConferenceRoom1

YellowRoomTrainingConferenceRoom2  YellowRoomTrainingConferenceRoom3

Yellow-Room-Large-Theatre-Style   Yellow-Room-Large-Theatre-Style2

YellowRoomGreetingRoomAlternativeLayout YellowRoomGreetingRoomAlternativeLayout3
YellowRoomGreetingRoomAlternativeLayout4 YellowRoomGreetingRoomAlternativeLayout5
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