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Hang Out


This is a space that has seats, screen and the ability to use WiFi.

You can truly hang out whilst not being quite as formal as a meeting room.

When available, this space comes complimentary with any of the rooms that are hired

Ground floor space.


ValeHouseWirral---DownstairsTrainingRoomAndHangout3 ValeHouseWirral---DownstairsTrainingRoomAndHangout2

DownstairsTrainingRoomHangoutReceptionView6  DownstairsTrainingRoomHangoutReceptionComputersView7

DownstairsTrainingRoomHangoutReceptionAwards2  DownstairsTrainingRoomHangoutReception3  DownstairsTrainingRoomHangoutReceptionChairView5

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