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Green Room


The green room is used for conferences, seminars and a place for network meetings. The space will seat up to 40 people or 60 people standing. It has 2x projectors either end to demonstrate and present and also has a sound system with microphone for use within the room.
Other configurations include boardroom style (18x people), Presentation and table seating (20x people), meeting room (30x people), seminar seating (40x people) and an open space (60x people).
First floor room.



Green-Room-Board-Room-Style-2   Green-Room-Board-Room-Style-3

GreenRoomEmptyRoomWithProjectorsOn GreenRoomEmptyRoomWithProjectorsOn2


GreenRoomTrainingConferenceSeminarRoom7 GreenRoomTrainingConferenceSeminarRoom5
GreenRoomTrainingConferenceSeminarRoom6 GreenRoomTrainingConferenceSeminarRoom8

GreenRoomEmptyRoom4 GreenRoomEmptyRoom3

GreenRoomTrainingConferenceSeminarRoom4 GreenRoomTrainingConferenceSeminarRoom1

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