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Meeting of the Minds

A meeting is an opportunity to focus the collective minds of your team, to bring together their individual strengths and weaknesses and ultimately come up with something they couldn’t have achieved alone.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle

However, there are several things to take into account when planning your meeting, factors that can make a real difference to productivity and focus of those involved. We’ve managed to narrow these down into three key points to consider.

1. Environment

Where is your meeting taking place? Because this is ultimately the most important point to bear in mind. You need your staff to be able to work in comfort, a cold and uninviting venue will in no way encourage someone to do their best work. They’ll be too busy counting down the minutes until they can get out of there.

2. Convenience

Beyond finding a location with a suitable atmosphere, you also need to ensure it’s convenient. Is it easy to find? Is there access to parking or public transport? You could find the perfect place to hold your meeting but if no one can get there easily, is it really all that perfect?

3. Comfort

You can’t have your team too relaxed, your setting needs to remain professional after all, however you still need to consider the needs of your people. You need access to amenities and refreshments to keep your team at their peak. Do you have somewhere nearby to go for lunch?

Here at Vale House, we kept all of these important points in mind when planning our available meeting spaces. Our rooms are bright and colourful as well as welcoming and professional. Designed to encourage the mind to focus yet flourish. Beautiful vistas surrounding a comfortable and functioning working environment.

We also have onsite parking and are situated just under a mile from the nearest train station. It’s actually a very pleasant walk, taking less than half an hour even at a gentle stroll.

Refreshments are available and lunch can be ordered from the Café downstairs, either to be eaten there or in your meeting room, and, being surrounded on all sides by such a truly beautiful park, it’s extremely invigorating to stretch your legs outside.

Meetings that take place at Vale House, Wirral are considered productive and worthwhile in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere. Why not have a look at what we have available?

We are sure we can meet your needs.

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