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Hedgehog Rescue Wallasey needs YOUR help!

As you know Vale House Wirral is located in the centre of Vale Park in New Brighton and is home to many of our furry, feathered and wild friends. Some of our staff even foster hedgehogs that are too ill to be released back into nature.

This is Dinsdale, he is being fostered by Elaine Owen currently.


Due to the mild weather in December more and more hedgehogs are getting caught out in the now colder January temperatures leaving them at risk of illness and worse. Hedgehog Rescue Wallasey is seeing increased numbers of hedgehogs in need of help and has stepped up to the task admirably. However stores are running low and they require some support in the form of supplies to ensure that all the hedgehogs can be cared for until they are well enough to be released.

To do your part all we ask is that you pick up an extra item from the list below while you’re shopping and drop it off at Vale House Wirral in Vale Park, we will make sure it reaches Hedgehog Rescue Wallasey.

Let’s help our Hedgehogs!!!

List of Items Required Help Our Hedgehogs:
• Meaty Cat/Dog Food
• Bin Bags
• Baby Wipes
• Cotton Wool Buds
• Kitchen Roll
• Newspapers
• Disinfectant
• Sterilising Fluid
• Old Towels
• Puppy Pads
• Bowls
• Fleeces


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